GP TRAPS SERVICE PROCEDURE

1) Walk throwing arm to front and take off main spring.

2) Check spring Bobbin. Tighten & oil-grease.

3) Check the hinge and oil it.

4) Make sure key stock on lift plate matches angle aluminum bracket.

5) Grease one fitting. Pivot transmission or Twiddley bit.

6) Check rod ends and oil them.

7) Check rubber throwing rail.

8) Check rubber targets stops on lift plate.

9) Check rubber flap on top of hinge. Doorstop

10) Check rubber rollers on target assembly. Check splitter height.

11 Make sure target roller assembly moves. Service the oil lite.

12) Check the 3-springs.

13) Check elevation T-handle. Grease T-handle & bolt. Tighten with hammer.

14) Take magazine off and service magazine shaft and delron cap on spring. Watch for washer. Check magazine height.

15) Check other two oil lites. One is the Big Z and the other one is under magazine shaft (Index assembly).

16) Check electric Box. (Wires tighten; fuse holder, motor relay & wires and battery ring terminal. Solder all wires. Replace bad items.

17) Install new orange release cord in box. Female socket end on machine. Wire correctly. Not applicable to all GP Customers.

18) Service motor brushes. Replace if needed.

19) If replacing motor drain gearbox and refill with 6oz. of lube. Clean face of grease box and use RTV sealer between motor & gearbox. The lube is Mobil SHC-634.

20 When installing motor & gearbox make sure you place motor & gearbox in correct position. Check top gearbox collar for clearance. The collar is called the cocker.

21) Check out front of lift plate for possible sprag failure.

22) Clean three aluminum surfaces. Top Plate, Throw Plate & Lift Plate.

23) Service main spring with grease and put back on. Tighten with hammer.

24) Check out where throwing arm stops. Adjust to correct position. DO NOT HIT TAB ON BEARING WITH HAMMER.