12v. or 110v.

Simplicity at it's best

Low maintenance

Easy to adjust


GP Traps Chandelle Machine

Heavy gauge steel construction ensures correct balance for vibration-free operation. Supportive structures on the machine are steel constructed with a powder coated finish. Heavy-duty, American manufactured motor gearbox is designed to cock mainspring direct, without chains, sprockets or external gearing. Machine has instant release system without electrical solenoids. Very simple and straightforward control boxes and diagrams. Electrical components are purchased from American companies. Throws a standard target only. Designed to throw various target angles. Stainless steel target chute allows automatic target feed. Stainless steel throw plate to assure target accuracy. Hand knob easily adjusts for target distance. Available in 110 volt or 12 volt. Magazine capacity is 360 targets. Trailer with battery box also is available for added mobility. Canvas magazine covers for target protection. All types of release systems are available.